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Ruscus Tree
10ft Bonsai on Manzanita
9ft Fiddle Leaf Tree
8.5ft Lychee Topiary Tree
8.5ft Kentia Palm
4ft Maidenhair Fern Tree on Manzanita
8ft Camelia Tree
10ft Kentia Palm
8ft Olive Tree
7.5ft Kentia Palm
7.5ft Dracaena Tree
8ft Scheflerra Tree
7ft Fiddle Leaf Tree
7ft Fiddle Leaf Tree
10ft Olive Tree
9ft Dracaena Tree
Preserved Ball Topiary
9ft Smilax Tree
4ft Fiddle Leaf Tree
7.5ft Kentia Palm
7ft  Maidenhair Fern on Manzanita
7.5ft Ming Aralia Tree
8.5ft Dracaena Tree
Fiddle Leaf Tree
Fiddle Leaf Tree
Philo Bush
Fiddle Leaf Tree
8ft Camelia Tree
8ft Fishtail Palm
6ft Ruscus Tree
Croton Plant
Fiddle Leaf Tree
Dracaena Tree
6ft Dracaena
7.5ft Lady Palm
10ft Dracaena Trees
Dracaena Close up
8ft Fiddle Leaf Tree
8ft Camelia Tree
10ft Gingko Tree
9ft Gingko Tree
Gingko Leaves
9ft Nadina Tree
8ft Rhapis Palm
15ft Areca Palm
7ft Fiddle Leaf Tree
16ft Smilax Tree
9ft Olive Tree
Artificial Bloom & Home Decor can build any artificial Trees in any style and size. From formal to tropical we can design the height, shape and style to match your surroundings. Call 858-549-1800 today.